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I’ve heard modern sharp-shooters and collectors complain endlessly about these guns.¬†

Yes, the 9 rounds at .42 is not a standard¬†ammunition¬†and the secondary barrel fires a .63 (more commonly called buckshot) but there is no need for humans to cry about a broken wrist from the kick when the gun was never meant for them. It’s designed for my kind, for vampires.

Personally, I liked them. Good weight in the hand, could take down a lot of people before you had to reload and the people standing next to those people for that matter…

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    This is the LeMat revolver. Possibly the scariest handgun ever. It fires 9 big-ass bullets. Sounds tame? It also has a...
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    Can we all take a moment to appreciate that the LeMat revolver is the most insane pistol ever designed. The second...
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